Responsive Web Developer in Utah

Husband, Siberian Husky and German Shepherd Dad, Yo-Yoer and Front End Web Developer

About Me

I am a Front End Web Developer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have a passion for building excellent, beautiful, and responsive websites. I code amazing websites using ReactJS, HTML, CSS and I am currently growing my NodeJS skills. I love learning and am constantly taking new online courses with an emphasis on learning JavaScript. I love learning to code, writing code and being able to use my creativity while making amazing websites. My professional experience includes working closely with Designers and Back End developers, creating enterprise and financial tech apps, leading a front end team. Outside of coding, I love to go on adventures with my wife, siberian husky, and german shepherd!

Why React?

React is a JavaScript library made by Facebook, specifies react as "A declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces." In my words, React is THE BEST JavaScript framework/library to build the front end of a website or static websites in general. React makes it very easy to make user interfaces that are interactive, flexible, and user friendly. React makes it easy to hook up API's, CMS's, Backends etc, and display the data on your website. React allows single page apps, which means routing is insanely fast. In general React makes writing JavaScript a breeze.

No HTML/CSS frameworks

I write my own HTML and CSS (SCSS). I do this because it allows for better customization over using a framework like bootstrap. Not only that, front end frameworks like bootstrap are HUGE, which causes the load time of your website to go up drastically, and make it harder for your mobile users to enjoy your website. Using custom CSS for each website means that your website will be unique, it will load faster than any other website out their using a front end framework, and it means that I can go beyond the limits of those frameworks and do anything.



Capstone project at DevPoint labs, basically Tinder for food.

Nav Inc.

1-year 6-month full-time job. Fin Tech app for small business credit.


A script that searched both the HTM and CSS of our application and let us know which CSS was no longer being used in the HTML


Team Lead contract position for SlopeApp Studio who contracted work for Rallyest.

David Stoker UX Portfolio

Beautiful portfolio site designed by David and built by me. "Gavyn has been great to work with as he developed and implemented my portfolio site. He maintains an upbeat, positive approach and communicates and gives updates really well along the way. I’ll certainly be recommending him to others looking for a responsible, capable developer." - David